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Fitness Journey & Expertise

I`ve been in the fitness industry for over 20+ years and training for the same. From my early days, I've held a deep passion for fitness and physical activity. My journey started in school sports halls, where I was recognised for my athletic skills, from basketball to arm wrestling. This enthusiasm led me to undertake formal education in fitness, swiftly moving into my initial professional role in the fitness sector. My commitment to ongoing learning through hands-on training and specialised courses has paved the way for remarkable opportunities. Notably, I spent 14 years in Dubai, where I established and ran my own cutting-edge gym and training studio. There, I devised and presented educational programmes in TRX, LES MILLS, BOSU, and standard ETM and PT courses, imparting my expertise to both experienced professionals and those new to the fitness realm.

Achievements & Offerings

My dedication to fitness isn't solely professional; it's personal. I've competed in numerous fitness competitions, securing the 1st place in the 2014 Denmark WBFF Diva Figure competition. Whilst I've taken part in several shows, I'm preparing for a standout performance in September 2023 at 2 Bros Nottingham.


At Hustle Gym, I channel my passion into providing group sessions, transformation programmes, personal training, and a broad online network. My holistic approach ensures clients receive all-encompassing support, from nutritional advice to training routines, guaranteeing they achieve their sought-after results, be it for competitions, events, or our exclusive photoshoots to highlight their progress.

Fashion & Beauty Evolution

My fascination with fashion flourished during my teenage years, evolving from tracking trends to curating a distinctive style that aligns with my personality and way of life. I've collaborated with select affiliates, displaying products that resonate with my principles. As I delved into fitness competitions, my appreciation for beauty intensified. Beginning with basic grooming, my beauty journey broadened to makeup tutorials, courses in spray tanning, eyelash extensions, massage, and more. Recognising the significance of holistic well-being – physical, mental, and aesthetic – I now provide these services, particularly emphasised during our photoshoot days.

Continuous Learning & Growth

I'm a staunch believer in lifelong learning, particularly when it bolsters well-being, strength, and self-assurance. Drawing inspiration from industry best practices, I stress personalised training programmes, comprehending client motivations, and setting bespoke exercise metrics. Model, ensuring training programmes cater to a range of fitness goals, from stabilisation endurance to power enhancement. My approach is all-encompassing, highlighting the importance of quality sleep, balanced diet, and addressing discomfort for peak performance.


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Stretching routine tutorial
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Stretching routine tutorial

Resistance band Tutorial HOME WORKOUT FREE GUIDE
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Resistance band Tutorial HOME WORKOUT FREE GUIDE

HIIT Circuit workout class no equipment 30 minutes quick blast
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HIIT Circuit workout class no equipment 30 minutes quick blast

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Cardio Box Circuits Blast No equipment

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