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From my earliest memory of being in a gym I always wanted to lift the full stack of weights and challenege my strength.  Not sure why I had this urge BUT it has not left me!

I remember a milestone of reaching 22kg dumbell bench press at the start of my competition days and this progressed to reaching 40kg dumbells 4 years later. Fitness is all about consistency and a gradual progress forward in whatever area of fitness you are looking to develop. For stage I do believe to reach an elite level it takes years of training to allow the muscle to mature and reach your best.


However this doesnt mean you can't keep working on the next best version of yourself. With my Personal training clients we aim to achieve small goals which lead to the bigger overall aim. Similarly with our transformation programs a lot can be achieved within 8 weeks, however their final result is dependable on their starting point. This is why each individual is different and the programmes are unique and tailored to the them. There is no one program or diet that fits all.

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